How We Started









…...I met my wife Micah. one of The kindest, loving and most talented woman I know.
Micah is an award-winning photographer who chose to go into Entrepreneurship & Marketing instead of pursuing her passion as an Artist.

We had a magical courtship and found we shared the same passions, dreams, and visions for a brighter future. not just for us, for everyone.
When we found ourselves in a tight financial situation I turned to street performing and had Micah paint me silver and drop me off in downtown Austin to earn tips.

I busked as a silver man for a whole summer in the Texas heat. one day I noticed artists selling their art on the street and asked Micah if she would help me sell my art. she accepted the challenge and we set out together.
We had so much fun we kept going back every weekend and spent the next 3 years as street artists. Setting up & tearing down our gallery every day.
it was hard work but so worth it. They were some of the best years of our lives. 








During this time I painted hundreds of original paintings and Micah sold every one. She also discovered a hidden talent, helping our clients with creating custom commissions. Truly! Magic was in the air.

Along the way, we discovered a huge gaping hole in the universe, over 85%percent of people we met had never owned original art.

Conversely all the artists we met asked for guidance on how to sell their art. We knew we had to do something to help artists. We got to work and crowd-funded enough money to open an Artist Collective and Gallery in Nov 2018.

Our Gallery is located just outside of Austin Texas and has been home to many artists. unfortunately we were only open a year when Covid hit.

Our dreams were wrecked.

The good news is Crypto saved the day. When nobody else was there to help, crypto kept our doors open & our team employed.


So, when we heard about NFT's we knew instantly that they were the missing piece to our puzzle.

We took a deep dive into the space, earning, creating and fine tuning our entry into NFT land. We realized that a non profit was the way to make the biggest impact and Save the Artists Foundation was born, our contribution to the world.

This project was created to fund the non profit and help our family regain some of the losses we have endured over the past few years while putting this all together.

We are committed to this cause and excited for this new chapter in our story.

Our DMs’ are always open and we look forward to connecting with more inspired dreamers and doers on our discord channel.